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Club Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Kyungpook National University IT University.


Club introduction Kyungpook National University Information Security Research Group (KERT) is a gathering of Kyungpook National University students who are interested in computer networks, security, hacking and viruses.
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Club introduction This is a programming club, Prog, affiliated with the Department of Computer Science, Kyungpook National University. This is a club where students who are interested in game making gather to make games, and if they want, they can get information about fields other than games. Tutors are also available for students who do not have any knowledge of programming.
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PROG Homepage

Sansalang (Love Mountain)

Club introduction We are a club in the Department of Computer Science called Sansarang.
Through various activities (MT, theater, project implementation, etc.) within Sansarang, you will be able to build more exchanges and friendships with people in the faculty and have a fruitful university life.
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Geuluteogi (Stub)

Club introduction It's a stump of the computer department's band club, which is always full of energy :)
At Stump, you can get to know the students of the Department of Computer Science through various programs such as regular performances, mokoji performances, busking, MT, ensemble for each semester, mentoring, and dinner parties.
Even if you have never played an instrument before, you can learn it within the club, and there is no need to worry too much about the stump because it is a priority to communicate through band activities and music! Actually, when I joined the club, I played an instrument for the first time, but there are many members who prepared hard and performed well.
Please show the passion and energy of computer students at the stump!!
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Geuluteogi Youtube


Club introduction The Kyungpook National University volunteer club L&C (Lovely & Communication) aims to contribute to social harmony and communication by providing coding-related volunteer work in elementary and middle schools.
Mainly in elementary school, Scratch and Entry are used, and in middle and high schools, mainly app development and Arduino-related services are conducted. By conducting weekly study within the club, you can have time to make up for the shortcomings.


Club introduction Kyungpook National University's indie game production group REVOLUTION is a group that mainly utilizes game engines such as unity to produce and release indie games.
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Club introduction Gori, established in 2013, is a club that researches algorithms and problem solving techniques. It also aims to participate in the National University Student Programming Contest and ACM-ICPC.
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GORI Homepage

Meosjaeng-i Sajacheoleom (Like a handsome lion)

Club introduction It is a national association club where non-majors and majors work together to develop web services and create services.
In accordance with the established curriculum, we study web development technology through lectures and sessions with Codrian, and we have won great awards by participating in national-level Idea Tones and Hackathons.
As of 2022, we have formed a sponsorship with companies such as Nexon, Gangnam Unnie, ZigZag, and Taling, and are promoting growth by forming a study group whenever there is a field for further study.
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Meosjaeng-i Sajacheoleom Instagram


Club introduction GET IT is a SW startup club established in 2022.
In line with the catchphrase 'When we come together, we become the sea', we aim to work together to achieve anything.
In accordance with our own SW & startup education curriculum, we support anyone interested in SW development so that they can implement their own ideas rather than just imagining them. It is a club that actively participates in external events such as on- and off-campus start-up competitions and various hackathons, and actively supports the growth of students who have dreams of starting a business or are interested in software development. It is a gathering of people who are ready to run with the motto of efficient growth and enjoyable learning in a short time.
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Club in memories

Little Gestures
Club introduction Our club, 'Jakeun Momjits(Little Gestures)', is a place where students who are interested in film gather to film and edit a film, promote friendship, and participate in computer-related projects to understand the major of the Department of Computer Science and gain hands-on experience. It's a club.
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Jakeun Momjits Homepage

Club introduction The Digital Image & Art club is a fusion club between IT and art. The purpose of this club is to research and develop media art that combines IT and art through a meeting between students who are interested in IT and art at Kyungpook National University. This media art is expected to become an important cultural content in society in the future, and we want to become people who can help and strengthen each other by creating works and contents.
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Club introduction VIC is an abbreviation of Venture IT Convergence, and it is a club that challenges venture startups based on the convergence of not only IT but also all various fields.
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VIC Facebook

Club introduction This club was started by the provincial and provincial committee (System Library Management Committee), which had previously built and managed department networks and computers. Previously, the provincial and provincial committees were operated with a small number of about 1 to 4 people, but after integration into the Computer Science Department, the number of current and new students has increased significantly. What our club is doing is exploring and conducting projects on the work and networks of the existing computer science department.