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  • Education
  • Educational goals & outline
  • Education

Talent Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Kyungpook National University IT University.

Advanced Computer Major, Global SW Convergence Major

Educational goals
Fostering SW Convergence Talents with Global Competitiveness and Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • global
  • fusion power
  • creativity
  • leadership
Convergence field
  • IT Politics
  • Digital information management
  • bioinformatics
  • Smart Farm Engineering
  • business intelligence
3 major strategies for manpower nurturing
  • Global Competency Reinforcement

    Mandatory copy degree for overseas intern/exchange students

    Expansion of English major courses

  • SW Convergence Capability Reinforcement

    Mandatory for multiple majors

    Career Design Consultation Responsible Professor System

    Presenting the Convergence Major Completion Model

  • Reinforcement of technology start-up competency

    Startup track completion model presentation

    Reinforcement of project-based education

    Mentoring in connection with local industry

Social Demand Analysis
  • Globalization of SW market

    Domestic SW market is 1% of the world

    Insufficient supply and demand of global SW manpower

  • SW industrialization of all industries

    SW convergence creative manpower required

    SW competency-based multi-major training

  • Changes in manpower demand due to low growth

    Demand for innovation by technology startups

    Rise of the need for project-based education

Educational Features of the Department of Computer Science

Diversification of educational content
  • Educational contents such as software, knowledge processing, natural language processing, bio-computing, embedded software, mobile, ubiquitous networks, and robots are taught with educational contents in various fields that can be adapted to the diversification of educational content.
Promotion Flexibility
  • With the implementation of the autonomous major within the university, students can advance to the autonomous major when they are promoted to the second year.
  • As part of the internationalization program, overseas internships provide major or language education during vacations, and some major subjects are taught in English.
  • Between domestic base national universities, classes can be exchanged at other universities for a certain period of time, and credits can be exchanged.
  • Sandwich education (credits can be accepted) has been conducted since 1997 for education in other industries.
Creativity and Autonomy
  • Tutor system by excellent students is operated
  • Every year, we hold an exhibition of projects we have done for our classes and graduations.
  • Supporting club activities related to various majors
  • In connection with various research institutes or periods such as Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Daegu Content Promotion Agency, Daegu Techno Park, Kyungpook National University Techno Park, Daegu Mobile Agency, Robot Promotion Center, etc.