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About the major Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Kyungpook National University IT University.

Convergence major

  • Major courses offered jointly by two or more departments (divisions and majors)
  • Selection Period : Selected twice a year around May ~ June and October ~ November
  • Eligibility : Students who have completed 1st year or higher in accordance with Article 54 of the school regulations
  • Convergence major guidebook
Major Cultural content development, Digital information management, IT politics, Psychological Information, Business intelligence, Fintech, Bioinformatics, Spatial information, Digital art, Big data, Electronic information
credits completed 36
How to complete Fill out the application form for convergence major ▶ Submit to the department in charge

Double Major

  • When a student completes two or more departments (majors) while attending school and is recognized for graduation
  • Eligibility: Students enrolled in 2nd year or higher in accordance with Article 54 of the school regulations (However, for transfer students, the credits earned after transferring are students who have completed the first year of their department/division or major)
  • Application and completion period: Apply during the first semester of the sophomore year (applicable up to the first semester of the fourth year) and complete from the second semester of the second year
    (However, students who wish to double major can apply for courses as free elective courses even before the double major selection process. , for the courses completed, if you are selected as a double major in the future, you must apply for a change in the course code at the university administration office to be recognized as credits for the double major)
  • You must complete as many credits as the major credits (based on your student number) of the department (division) you are majoring in. Information regarding the completion of compulsory major courses in the department (division) of a double major applies to students enrolled in 2009
    (however, this does not apply when completing the Advanced Computer Engineering [ABEEK] program)
  • Platform Software Major, Data Science Major, Human-Centered Software Major (Advanced Computer Engineering Program) - 65 credits required
  • Global Software Convergence Major - 51 Credits Required
How to complete Selection notice (Bachelor notice, 2 times/year, around May and October) ▶ Application (direct application through the integrated information system) ▶ Selection (selected according to the number and criteria for selection by department)


Among students who have submitted an application for accreditation of a minor to their institution prior to final graduation, those who have met the requirements for recognition of a minor will be recognized as a minor upon completion and graduation.

Credits completed 21
How to complete By course registration without a separate selection process