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  • Artificial Intelligence Computing Major
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About the major Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Kyungpook National University IT University.

Public Institutions
/ R&D Centers
/ Finance

AI-SW expert

SW development ability
  • Platform SW Data Science
  • Artificial intelligence computing
  • Global SW Convergence
AI Convergence Utilization
  • Big Data Cloud
  • SW system
  • programming
  • AI core modeling
  • AI system
  • AI data
  • Multiple Convergence Major
  • Overseas University Study
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • PRIME Business Team

    Overseas training and start-up support

  • SW Centered University Project Group

    Support for field practice and industry-university cooperation

  • 10 Convergence Majors

    Big data, Fintech, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Computing Major Education Direction

  • Operates a program to nurture computer software experts specialized in artificial intelligence
  • 1st and 2nd grade: SW-AI basic education centered on SW basics, math basics, and AI core
  • 3rd~4th grade: SW-AI core education focusing on AI system, AI application (video, language, etc.), AI theory
  • Opened AI in-depth courses and in-depth research courses in connection with the Graduate School of Computer Science
  • Reflected common subjects of AI Innovation Sharing University (a consortium of 9 national universities)
  • Specialized microdegree module (medical AI, bio AI, etc.)
  • Problem solving-based engineering training practice (linked to graduate school), comprehensive design project (industry-university cooperation)

Artificial Intelligence Computing Major Graduation Requirements

  • Credits for minimum major (60) Credits for single major (72), liberal arts (30)
  • 9 SW/AI core compulsory subjects: Discrete Mathematics, Programming Fundamentals, Data Structure, Deep Learning, Algorithm 1, AI Mathematics Fundamentals, Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Machine Learning, Comprehensive Design Project

Artificial Intelligence Computing Major Curriculum Overview (Focus on Major Subjects))

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Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Graduate school
AI SW Automata and formal languages Software design Compiler Problem solving-based engineering training practice SW Startup Project Problem solving-based engineering training practice
Java programming System programming Open source programming Mobile App Programming 1 Computer network
Computing thinking and software coding Programming Fundamentals (6 credits) ) Data structure Algorithm 1 Advanced troubleshooting Programming linguistics
Data structure application Database Computer graphics Internet of Things Augmented reality Sustainable computing Cloud Computing Special
Computer architecture Operating system Data communication Comprehensive design project 1 Srtificial intelligence system Comprehensive design project 2 AI Cloud Computing Massively parallel computing Advanced artificial intelligence system Next-generation computing system
AI Core Artificial intelligence and computing Data Science Fundamentals A.I Introduction to machine learning Deep learning Introduction to neural networks Introduction to Brain Cognitive Engineering Machine learning Artificial Intelligence Special
Understand the video Computer vision Voice recognition Intelligent HCI AI Robotics Video processing specialization
Introduction to natural language processing Knowledge Expression and Reasoning Natural language processing
Introduction to Bioinformatics Medical artificial intelligence Bioinformatics Special Artificial intelligence application
AI Math Math 1 Artificial intelligence math basics Math 2 Linear algebra Artificial Intelligence Mathematics Deepening
Discrete math Probability and Statistics Numerical analysis Information theory Information protection theory
AI system AI theory AI application