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About the major Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Kyungpook National University IT University.

What is ABEEK?

It is a program to nurture creative, field adaptable, and internationally recognized engineering technology manpower implemented by the Korea Institute of Engineering Education Accreditation. You will be recognized for your qualifications.

Advanced Computer Engineering ABEEK Program Educational Goals

  • Cultivation of basic knowledge of computer science

  • Develop problem-solving and creative design skills

  • Cultivating practical skills and leadership to lead changes in the social environment

  • Cultivation of basic knowledge as a person and ability to cooperate internationally

Program Admission Information

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Recruitment unit Sum In personnel
Total Student book subject Student record Essay exam
Academic Excellence Local Talent Recruitment general student Local Talent Recruitment National Veterans Recipient Selection SW special type Selection of recipients such as those receiving basic livelihood Essay (AAT) Admissions
Department of Computer Science
(Platform Software Major, Data Science Major)
51 48 7 6 11 8 1 4 1 10
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Recruitment unit Out personnel
Student record
Total Rural area student selection Specialized high school graduate selection Selection of persons with disabilities, etc.
Department of Computer Science
(Platform Software Major, Data Science Major)
3 2 1 2
(Total of IT colleges)
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Recruitment unit A
Department of Computer Science 45

Program Graduation Requirements

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Division Class of 2010, Class of 2011 2012 class~ Class of 2021~
Total credits 140credits 150credits 140credits
ABEEK Curriculum Classification basic knowledge 15credits (excluding foreign languages) 15credits (excluding foreign languages) 15credits (excluding foreign languages)
Major based 21credits 21credits 18credits
Engineering major 60credits (14 credits for design)) 75credits (14 credits for design) 60credits (14 credits for design)
ABEEK credits 96credits 111credits 93credits
English proficiency (*) 700 points or higher based on TOEIC 700 points or higher based on TOEIC 700 points or higher based on TOEIC
Field practice - 3 credits or more 3 credits or more
    * For English grades, you must register the scan file in the KEESS system (comparative subject area) and send the file attachment e-mail(mykim@knu.ac.kr)
  • Graduation is possible if the above graduation conditions and the Kyungpook National University graduation qualification system are met simultaneously
  • Kyungpook National University Graduation Qualification System : Homepage > Academic Information → Refer to Graduation Qualification Recognition System

Subjects that are required to comply with the completion system(in case of non-compliance with the completion system, prior approval is required before taking: see notice)

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prerequisite first-come subject first-come subject note
programming basics Data structure/data structure application - Applied from the 2012 school year
data structure Algorithm 1 - -
Algorithm 1 Algorithm 2 - Applied from the 2012 school year
data structure data structure programming - -
Basic Creative Engineering Design Comprehensive design project 1 Comprehensive design project 2 -
Java programming Comprehensive design project 1 - -

Contents of Graduation Portfolio

  • Formation of individual academic portfolios for prospective graduates by including materials that reflect graduation requirements
  • Upload the public server after confirming the notice on the undergraduate website Simcomm (※ Prospective graduates need to check frequently)
  • Extracurricular activities (including 3 or more): Submission of evidence and KEESS (non-curricular area) registration are accepted for the following contents
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Item Proof method Item Proof method
Privacy Resume, cover letter, etc. Advisory Professor Consultation Details Recommended once per semester
Overseas Intern result report Seminar/Special Lecture Participation Related essays, photos, and certificates
Field Training (Sandwich) Issuance of Human Resources Development Center Awards/Scholarships Listed copy/scholarship details
Participation in volunteer activities confirmation certificate copy
Extracurricular activities Club activity certificate Official foreign language score Be sure to request approval after registering for KEESS
    * Contents included in the design portfolio (comprehensive design project 1,2)
  • Lecture plan, lecture materials, presentation materials and reports related to design performance, project progress related materials,project work result screen (required)

Information for transfer students (transfer students), advanced students (autonomous majors)

  • Required to submit 'Application for Approval of Courses Completed by Previous University (Department) and Other Universities'
  • When registering for courses, it is recommended to take first and second year required courses first.