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About the major Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Kyungpook National University IT University.

Educational goals

Fostering SW convergence talents with global competitiveness and entrepreneurial spirit

Global Software Convergence Major Educational Goals and Talents


Global, convergence, creativity, leadership

Program Admission Information

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Recruitment unit Department of Computer Science Total
Platform SW &
Data Science Major
Artificial Intelligence Computing Major Global Software Convergence Major
70 38 100 208

※For detailed and accurate admission information, please visit the admission information site of Kyungpook National University.

Graduation Requirements

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Division Multi-major track Overseas dual degree track Undergraduate/master's link track
Total credits 130 credits or more
English proficiency 700 points or higher based on TOEIC 800 points or higher based on TOEIC 700 points or higher based on TOEIC
Global competency Overseas university recognized credits Completion of overseas dual degree program
(or exchange student for 1 year or more)
6 or more credits recognized by overseas universities
Technology start-up capability At least 3 credits of field practice,
9 credits or more of entrepreneurship courses,
Start-up business
Entrepreneurship course 3 credits or more 3 credits or more of field practice
SW convergence capability Multi-major (required)
Comprehensive design course 3 credits* or more
Multiple major (optional) Multiple major (optional)
SW major competency major credits 51 credits or more

※Credit for Major in Global Software Convergence Major Curriculum (excluding multi-major & overseas university & master's program & other major credits)

General elective arts credits General education credits: 2017 school year: 30 credits, 2018-2022 school year: 24 ~ 42 credits, 2023 school year~: 30 credits

※Kyungpook National University Curriculum Operation and Completion Guidelines Article 20 (Completion of Liberal Arts Courses) standard is applied

※For students majoring in the Global Software Convergence Major, at least one of the three tracks in the table above must be satisfied to qualify for graduation.

    * 3 credits or more of comprehensive design courses: Applicable to students enrolled after the 2022 academic year (from 2022).
  • Graduation is possible if the graduation requirements for the Global Software Convergence major and the Kyungpook National University graduation qualification system are met simultaneously.
  • Kyungpook National University graduation qualification system: Refer to Kyungpook National University Homepage > Education > Academic Administration > Undergraduate > Graduation Qualification.
  • On-site training, overseas language training, and overseas internship completion credits are included in the total completion credits for graduation, but are not included in the minimum electives or competency major required for graduation.

Contents of Graduation Portfolio

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Item Material Item Material
  • Resume
  • Self-introduction
  • Future plan (free form)
Start-up start-up (select 1)
※ Start-up company: Implementation time (established within the last 5 years)
  • Start-up (business registration certificate under your name)
  • Joint venture (business registration certificate + business plan)
  • Start-up company semester system internship completion
  • Startup company employment
  • Completion of at least 15 credits in entrepreneurship courses
  • Entrepreneurship awards recognized by the dean
    (pre-approval confirmation required)
Credits completed
  • Transcript (original)
English Proficiency
  • Official foreign language transcript (original)
Accredited credits from overseas universities
(Overseas Education Program)
  • [Credit recognition] Transcript
  • [Credit not recognized] Hosted by the school (certificate of completion, activity report)
  • [Alternative recognition]Completion of overseas online courses
    MOOC certificate of completion, detailed lecture information
Field training (internship)
  • [Credit recognition]Transcript
  • [Alternative recognition]Refer to the detailed information on the undergraduate website
    (Pre-application → Submission of evidence → Examination)
  • Conducting internships at large corporations and public institutions
  • Early employment (at least one semester before)
  • Publication of papers in academic journals (candidates) or higher
  • Entrepreneurs only, completion of start-up field training
  • Data on major competency building activities inside and outside the school
  • Data on extracurricular activities inside and outside of school
  • Awards and performance data inside and outside of school
  • Personal competency data
    * Course completion through overseas online education platforms such as Coursera, Udacity, Edx, etc. (Language: English, Duration: 15h or more).
  • Graduation portfolio includes graduation requirements and individual core competency achievement data, and is used as material for major area screening during graduation assessment.

Information for Transfer Students and Advanced Students