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Undergraduate Research Institute Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Kyungpook National University IT University.

Software Technology Research Center Go to Site

This research institute was established to conduct systematic research on software applicable to informatization and various academic fields, and to contribute the research results to the local community.
This research institute connects each professor with various domestic/international research institutes or companies so that specialized professors can research and solve various problems of software technology. In particular, we plan to focus our efforts on strategic technology development to secure global competitiveness in each field, not technology development to follow advanced countries' technology. I'm sure it will be a cornerstone.

Hyperconnectivity Convergence Technology Research Center Go to Site

Rise of a 'hyper-connected society'
  • Changes in industrial structure due to hyperconnectivity
  • Establishing the importance of the Internet of Things and Big Data
Research on the establishment and utilization of big data for social systems
  • It is primarily applied to disaster/disaster/safety and requires systematic and integrated management for each disaster stage (mitigation, preparation, response, recovery).
  • Data also needs to be systematically accumulated and managed
  • Convergence research that builds and utilizes big data used in various technologies or fields
Building a big data center
  • Convergence of hyper-connected technology and big data technology
  • Intelligent technology applied to disaster/disaster/safety issues