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세미나 및 행사 세미나 및 행사

[5.22.(수) 11:00 IT1-313] 슬로베이나 류블랴냐대 복수학위 안내 및 인공지능 강연

페이지 정보

작성자 김채원 댓글 조회 작성일 24-05-20 11:20


우리 대학과 복수학위 프로그램을 운영중인 슬로베니아 류블랴냐 대학의 Peter Peer 교수님의 다음과 같은 강연이 있으니 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.

* 학부생 참여를 환영합니다.


o 내용: 복수학위 프로그램 및 인공지능 강연 (Biometrics Recognition and Generation)

o 일시 및 장소: 5.22.() IT1-313 11:00~12:00

o 연사: Peer Peter 교수, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia


초록: Computer Vision Laboratory at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU has 18 members. Most of us do research in biometrics. We tackle topics from ear recognition, sclera and ocular region recognition, face deidentification, face privacy preservation, fingermarks quality assessment, biometrics synthetic data generation, to deepfake detection, virtual garment try-on. In this presentation I will go through the advancements we made in the last year with the goal to identify possible collaboration topics.


연사 소개

Peter Peer is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia, where he heads the Computer Vision Laboratory. He received his PhD in computer science from UL in 2003. Within his post-doctorate, he was an invited researcher at CEIT, San Sebastian, Spain. His research interests focus on biometrics and computer vision. He participated in several national and EU funded R&D projects and published over 120 research papers in leading international peer reviewed journals and conferences. He is a co-organizer of a number of competitions at top-tier biometrics conferences. He serves as an executive editor at ICT Express, as an associated editor of IET Biometrics and IEEE Access.


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