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[빅데이터AI융합시스템 연구실] 학부연구생 모집 안내 (지도교수: 서영균)

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작성자 김채원 댓글 조회 작성일 24-04-04 15:05


[Recruiting a research intern at the Big Data & AI Convergence System (DACS) Lab]

We are seeking a detail-oriented research intern to join our team as Text Annotation Assistant. The primary responsibility of this role is to annotate the context of citations within English scientific literature. The ideal candidate will possess a strong understanding of English scientific literature along with a background in computer science or natural science. This position offers an excellent opportunity to contribute to innovative research projects and advance one's knowledge in Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics.


What will be your responsibility:

     Review scientific literature excerpts and accurately identify and annotate the context of citations.

     Ensure that annotations follow established guidelines and quality standards.

     Collaborate with team members to resolve annotation discrepancies and refine annotation processes.

     Maintain thorough documentation of annotation decisions and revisions.

     Contribute to the development and improvement of annotation tools and methodologies.

     Stay updated on basic terms and methods in the field of Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics.

What we are looking for in you:

     Student of computer science, natural science, or a related field

     Exceptional proficiency in English with an understanding of and experience in reading English scientific literature and academic terminology

     Detail-oriented with a high level of accuracy and consistency in annotation tasks

     Good communication and teamwork skills.

     Prior experience in text annotation, or related fields is a bonus

     Ability to work independently and efficiently manage time and tasks

What we are offering:

     Employment as research intern in the DACS Lab (https://sites.google.com/view/knudeal/) for two months (if project is not done by then maybe longer)

     Collaboration in the annotation and research process together with an international (and really friendly) team.

     Workplace in the DACS Lab during research activity

     Opportunity to gather experience in the field of Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics

     According to the degree of participation possible co-authorship in a scientific publication

If you are interested in applying for this position, please fill out the application form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfAlSVwH6a0XUnoxegX56OTTKshrwbeOmSBsZfvYy37UYbqPQ/viewform?usp=sf_link). For further inquiries contact (lgs010704 at gmail.com).



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